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Investing in children in our city is a joy and a privilege. We are seeking volunteers from the Hampton Roads Community, including students from Christopher Newport University and Hampton University.  Volunteers build relationships with children, help them with their homework, and engage in enriching activities.

As a Christian ministry we want to introduce children to Jesus, and make His love for them known.  We are looking for volunteers to lead weekly bible study and encourage children as they grow in their faith.


My time volunteering with Families in Transition has shaped me in so many ways. When I first
started spending time with the children after school, I didn’t realize just how impactful those few hours a
week would be. I came to CNU with the intention of majoring in biology and possibly spending my future
doing research in a lab. While science is something that I do feel I have an interest in, FIT has allowed me
to realize my true passion of helping people throughout their walks of life. Sometimes I think to myself
how funny it is that I am the one volunteering with this organization, as I feel it has provided vastly more
for me than I have provided for it. Seeing the lives of these children and this community in Newport
News has changed my entire perspective, and I feel that I cannot see things in the same way as I did
before. As I go into my sophomore year at CNU, I am so excited to now be studying social work. I feel
that I can do so much more for this world as a social worker, rather than as a researcher in a lab. While
biologists and scientists are important to our world, I have realized that my passion resides in people and
that I want to spend my life outside of a research lab. I am so excited to see how this ministry grows and I
am so thankful to be a part of it.


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